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Mobil salt cabin with Himalayan salt
  • Mobil salt cabin with Himalayan salt
  • Mobil himalayan salt cabin
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Stable value mobile Himalayan salt cabin
for home or for your salon!

Natural Himalyan crystal salt is not a medicine, but a food in a true sense. Through its special abilities it has neutralizing, purifying, balancing and energy tax effect. There is no better natural method than the combination of crystal salt solution and water. It is able to restart the homeostasis and get balance in the organism. It is since centuries known that the climate of salt caves and mines has healing effect for diverse airway and respiratory organ diseases, such as skin and joint problems.

The Himalayan salt therapy is a detoxification method. It increases the organism’s purification, because the Himalayan salt has an intense solvent effect and the inspired Himalayan salt crystals facilitate the self cleaning of the airways. The Himalayan salt cabin built with Himalayan salt offers natural healing method for our health’s save.

In the Himalayan salt cabins there is a special bacterially very pure micro climate. Its air with equal temperature (20-22°C), minerals and beneficent micro organisms assures pofitable negative charge. Further, it contains for our organism important chemical elements – iodine, potassium, magnesium, selenium – and other helpful materials.

The most important factor of healing effect of himalayan salt cabins is the effect on mucosa and muscles of bronchia. These natural minerals warrant the effectivity of the Himalayan salt therapy. One hour in a himalayan salt room is like one day on the seacoast.

Himalayan salt cabin

  • Size of the salt cabin: 236x242x228 cm + 61 cm stair
  • 1400 kg Himalayan microfiber salt. 99.9% cleanness
  • Glass mosaics overlay - Las Vegas green glass mosaics
  • Protection glass door
  • Special glass band
  • Beech frame, with bio oil handled
  • Beech ceiling
  • Starry sky - in 6 colors
  • 2 ventilation systems (in and out)

The Himalayan salt cabin can be made in all individual sizes, ask for an individual offer!

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