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Sauna House Lugano Comfort

Lugano Comfort Luxury Sauna House
  • Lugano Comfort Luxury Sauna House
  • combined sauna house with Himalayan salt therapy
  • sauna house with shower and toilet
  • outdoor sauna with infrared and Finnish sauna all in 1
  • rustic premium sauna

Sauna House Lugano Comfort – Nature in the nature 


Innovation, style and design. These are the main principles the iSauna Manufacture is able to the day-to-day renewal, market leading and maximal satisfaction of customer requirements with. 

What we can renew in once again? What is what we can show something new again in the outdoor sauna building market with? We show it for you!

Our newest development is the luxury sauna house called Lugano Comfort mediterrano which mirrors the characteristics and atmosphere of the nature in- and outside. A sauna house with all possible comfort and crossing of the minimal, Mediterranean and rustic styles. 

One of our current clients contacted us again who we already planned and built a complete wellness sauna terrace for several years ago. Now, he wants to enjoy the experiences provided by the iSauna sauna house in his vacation home with his family. The style and terrain are different so we could give a free range to our fancy.

Luxury garden sauna house with combined minimal style sauna, heatable toilet and shower, panoramic glass paneling, rustic-style timber cladding and green roof. In that way can be characterized this amazing sauna house novelty briefly. 

Part of the Lugano Comfort outdoor sauna house combined sauna is the minimal-style Finnish sauna with infrared sauna, steam sauna and Himalayan salt therapy functions. Each sauna function and the ventilation system can be programmed with touchscreen and smartphone as well.

We only use heat-proof bronze glasses for the glass paneling, so there are plus degrees in the sauna house even in winter cold. That is why the plumbing unit does not freeze. 

There is an infra heating panel in the roof per shower and toilet which can be switched on with the outdoor control panel or smartphone as well. Thanks to our app you can switch it on from afar, so that the garden sauna house will be warmed up by the time you arrive home. The warm water is provided by a water heating system which can be controlled with LCD touchscreen. The water heating system can be connected to a solar collector or heat pump system.

The natural “appearance” of the outdoor sauna house is provided by Thermowood rustic-style Finnish alder which also appears as terrace covering. The garden sauna house harmonize perfectly with its rustic-style surface and grayish shading with wooden environments.

A true curiosity of the outdoor sauna house is the green roof. The iSauna Sauna Manufacture follows the philosophy of the “Greens” and innovated the production and building in this spirit. The green roof helps by the fusion of the sauna house with the environment. Natural grass and vegetation can be formed on the green roof becoming a perfect additional part of a luxury outdoor sauna house not only in scenery but also in function.  

Lugano Comfort sauna house – where nature and naturalness meet the nature. Health, luxury, innovation and design, this is the international iSauna Sauna Manufacture. Directly from the sauna manufacturer!

The Lugano Comfort Luxus Combined Sauna House can be ordered with smart phone operation! The App can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore and Android Play Store for FREE:


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