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Combined sauna wellness with unique installation

Comfort, wellness and harmony at home

Unique saunas may be built in endless varieties - in sauna material, shape and functions - with fully unique interior wellness design.
Unique saunas always meet unique needs therefore we pay as much attention to design as to the use of high quality sauna materials and craftsmanship in full harmony with the needs of our clients.

Our latest sauna job is living proof of it. Our client got to love our indoors 4 in 1 sauna cabins, that combine Finnish sauna, infra red sauna, Himalayan salt therapy as well as steam sauna experience.

During a personal site visit we were shown the location where a relax and sauna wellness room was planned. Because of the large terrace windows, the location of the entrance door and the planned massage bath we had a very hard time with the location of a standard sauna cabin. The room had an offset that the owners wanted to separate because it was not used.

We recommended them to keep that sauna area and we prepared a complete internal design plan taking into consideration that the sauna and wellness relaxing areas must always serve the comfort of our client. We did not only pay attention to functions, spectacle or aesthetic solutions but also to practicality, since this sauna will make their everyday life easier and more colourful.

The unique combined sauna is perfectly comfortable for 3-5 people. Finnish sauna provides excellent relaxation for parents, while the infrared sauna and Himalayan salt therapy serve the health of the kids. There was a great need for this since both kids have asthma.

Its practicability is provided by the bended glass door, the hooks placed outside that allow for easy hanging of gowns.

The unique, combined sauna soon became the family s favourite. Its unique atmosphere and the in-house active relaxation is incomparable to communal sauna - wellness areas. As a result of direct connection to the garden, in wintertime they can roll about in their own garden in the snow.

It is the luxury of the combined sauna, the experience of liberty and real sauna wellness that is created by the iSauna sauna manufacture. All this is proved by a sentence in a letter received from our client after installation.

We got to know a professional sauna team who through their proactive approach, flexible management, professionalism and commitment to development proved to us that they are worthy to work with.

Our custom-built saunas and wellness places are already available with iPhone and Android APP control system! The application for this control system is FREE to download from Apple AppStore and Android Play Store:

Sauna wellness

Premium saunas from Hungary with international TÜV certificate.

Himalayan salt room

Sauna solutions for you with Himalayan salt. Recover with salt Himalayan salt therapy!

Outdoor sauna house

iSauna manufacture produces premium outdoor saunas, luxury wellness sauna houses.

Individual sauna manufacture

Unique solutions in luxus sauna manufacturing

Interior design

Exclusive interior design and production in one hand.

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